Participation in 21st Science Picnic

MAKE YOUR RESEARCH VISIBLE: The Picnic attracts many science enthusiasts, so you get an opportunity to tell them about your work, your discoveries and your passions.

SEE HOW OTHERS SEE YOU: Even if you think of your job as a part of your everyday life, those visiting the Picnic will find it exciting and prestigious. A change of perspective can be an interesting and motivating experience.

MEET YOUR PEERS: Picnic attracts people from nearly 200 institutions from Poland and abroad (as many as 20 countries were represented in the 2013 edition), offering you an opportunity to exchange experiences. It is a good idea to learn from others.

SEE THE BIG PICTURE: Although the Picnic lasts just one day, we have spent years promoting the importance of science in everyday life and the development of any country. People like you build up confidence in scientists and their good image.

Where & When

PLACE: the PGE Narodowy, Warsaw

DATE: 3 June 2017 (Saturday) from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.